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Ghent says poor Spectrum service plagues broadband roll-out


GHENT–After months of dodging crews running cable up and down local roads, and In spite of promises made time and time again, town residents are still waiting for broadband internet service promised by Spectrum.

The town was notified in early May that broadband service would be made available to existing Spectrum customers in Ghent on June 5, but as the date has come and gone, nothing has changed.

A press release issued by the Town of Ghent last week says that Spectrum sent out information in May to existing customers instructing them on what was needed to update to Broadband, specifically mentioning the need to obtain a new Spectrum Receiver by June 5. However, customers who reached out to Spectrum to get this new equipment were told contrary information that did not match what they had previously been told.

Spectrum now says customers in Ghent will not be updated to broadband until July 24 at the earliest.

Back in March, the state Public Service Commission (PSC) fined Spectrum $1 million for failing to expand its internet service according to the agreed upon terms. The fine was imposed based on Spectrum having claimed that the number of residences the company had to is service was much higher than it really was. Additionally, the PSC can continue to fine Spectrum $1 million for every 6-month period that the company does not hold up its end of the agreement.

Spectrum is owned by Charter Communications.

The Town of Ghent is encouraging residents to lodge formal complaints with the PSC (not with the Town) regarding the poor customer service. Nothing has been made clear from the very beginning. Addressing town residents, the release said, “Throughout this process we tried to share information with you as we received it, but we have been generally unable to obtain full, accurate and reliable information from Spectrum.”

To lodge a complaint with the PSC, call 1-800-342-3377. Representatives from Spectrum Charter have also provided their email addresses to lodge complaints with them directly. Kevin Egan: and Michael Chowaniec, .

Consolidated Communications (formerly Fairpoint) has also been upgrading its internet services in the area and is scheduling upgrade connections now.

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