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Germantown Fire District election sees write-ins


GERMANTOWN—A total of 87 people—more than usual—turned out to vote in Tuesday’s Board of Commissioners election in the Germantown Fire District.

Richard Jennings II was the only candidate on the ballot for the one open seat. He received 71 votes. Write in votes went to Crystal Kilmer (14) and James Maruniak (1). All are active firefighters with Germantown Hose Company #1. A ballot marked for Mr. Jennings and written in with Ms. Kilmer had to be eliminated.

District secretary Kerrie Abela reported the results. “Having some turnout makes it more interesting,” she said, for those like herself who are poll inspectors for the three-hour election.

When Mr. Jennings heard that a write-in effort was in the works, said Ms. Abela, he did some door-to-door campaigning. There he learned that some voters didn’t realize there was an annual election.

Fire District elections take place on the second Tuesday of December every year. Required designating petitions are available in November and are due approximately 20 days before the election. The candidate must get signatures from at least 25 voters in the district in order to be placed on the ballot. As Ms. Abela noted, that should result in at least 25 votes for the candidate who is circulating the petition.

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