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Dumpster yields tragic find

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State Police investigators including Bill Mulrein (r), confer with DA Czajka. The open dumpster, where the child’s body was found, is in the background. Photo by David Lee

LIVINGSTON–State Police found the dead body of a newborn baby boy in a garbage dumpster behind the Xtra Mart convenience store at the Bells Pond intersection where routes 9/23, 9, 9H/23 and 82 converge in Livingston, the morning after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 27 around 7:30.

An autopsy has revealed that the baby was murdered by asphyxiation.

State Police from Livingston said  in a press release that a man contacted them Friday morning at 3:40 a.m. “to inform them that he suspected the presence of a baby outside the Xtra Mart.” Troopers went there at 3:52 a.m., but their search failed to reveal the presence of any child.

Later, they received additional information which resulted in their discovery of the child in a garbage bag in a dumpster. Emergency Medical Technicians from the Greenport Rescue Squad were on the scene and determined that the baby was dead.

County Coroner Michael Blasl directed that an autopsy be performed at St. Peter’s Hospital by Pathologist Jeffrey Hubbard, MD, who ruled the death a homicide,

State Police and Columbia County District Attorney Paul Czajka held a press conference Friday afternoon at the trooper barracks just down the road from the convenience store. Authorities said the baby’s mother, who is 20 years old, is an employee at the Xtra Mart and was on duty there when she delivered the child in the store bathroom. She has since been hospitalized, according to television news reports.
No arrests have yet been made.

Anyone who has additional information is asked to contact State Police at 518 851-3111.


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