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Countdown of Top 5 Stories of 2023: Number 2


EDITOR’S NOTE: The Greenville Pioneer is counting down the top 5 local stories of 2023. We looked at the top stories of the year, those that drew the highest number of readers to our website and Facebook page, or that had the greatest impact on our community and its residents. The Number 2 story had one of the highest numbers of online views and comments for the year. File photo

HS students put their talents to the test

GREENVILLE — Students at Greenville High School tuned up their voices and technical skills to create an on-air commercial promoting Greene County during the holiday season.

The project involved students in the high school’s chorus and music technology class, who worked with local marketing company KathodeRay Media to create a commercial for the county’s “Buy in Greene” initiative.

Buy in Greene utilizes multi-media to encourage people to keep their shopping dollars in Greene County, particularly during the holiday season, by patronizing local businesses.

The Buy in Greene program helped bring in $1.4 billion in tax revenue to the county last year, KathodeRay Media Executive Vice President Mark Gustavson told the students, according to the district.

Greenville’s chorus and music technology students have been helping to create the holiday-themed commercial for a few years now.

“If we’re going to buy local, we should produce local, too,” Gustavson told the students.

The collaboration between the school district and the county builds relationships and community pride, Superintendent of Schools Michael Bennett said.

“The Buy in Greene project is an excellent example of the connection we aim to foster between our school and community,” Bennett said. “For our students, it instills the importance of community initiatives and highlights the wonderful things going on in Greene County. I’m proud that our students once again had the opportunity to be part of such an incredible project.”

The project also gives students hands-on experience in a real-life music and technical project that has an impact on their community.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our music students, for the singers to be able to record in a real studio session and to hear their voices on the radio, and for our music tech students to mix and match every single track that you hear,” said music teacher and choral director Jon Meredith. “Recording for Buy in Greene is a high-stakes, real-life opportunity for students to be part of a project that uses music to strengthen our hometown community.”

Meredith works with the students each year on the commercial.

Greenville High School junior Amara Thompson is in both the chorus and the music tech class. Working on the project was a great experience, she said.

“I want a career in music, and this experience was a good warm-up for people like me,” Thompson said. “It’s an opportunity to put yourself out there within the comfort of your friends and a familiar place, without feeling intimidated. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.”

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