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Countdown of Top 5 Stories of 2022: Number 4

Jeffrey Field was jailed in March, six months after his indictment on murder and assault charges. File photo

GREENVILLE — Today we continue the countdown of the top 5 local stories of 2022.

The Greenville Pioneer looked at the top stories of the year, those that drew the highest number of readers to our website and Facebook page, or that had the greatest impact on the community and its residents.

Here is Number 4, a story that drew a very high number of readers to both and the Pioneer’s Facebook page when it ran in March.

NUMBER 4: Murder suspect jailed 6 months after indictment

CATSKILL — A Cairo man charged with murder and assault was returned to Greene County and processed at the state police barracks in Catskill six months after his indictment, Public Information Officer Trooper Steven Nevel said Wednesday.

The suspect, Jeffrey Field, 33, was hospitalized since August following a car crash as he was fleeing police in another incident in Saratoga County, Nevel said.

Field was indicted Sept. 1 in Greene County on charges of second-degree murder, a class A felony, and first-degree assault, a class B felony, in connection with the Aug. 22 stabbing death of Adam White, of Catskill.

Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione alleged Sept. 1, that after White’s death, Field drove to the town of Greenfield in Saratoga County “where he committed additional crimes, including two home invasions and a vehicle hijacking,” Stanzione said.

Field allegedly led police on a high-speed chase, lost control of the vehicle he was driving, crashed into a tree and was seriously injured, Stanzione said.

The suspect was transported to Albany Medical Center and remained there until his release several days ago. Field was arraigned Sept. 21 at his bedside in the hospital.

“Within the past week, he was released from the hospital and was taken to Greene County Jail,” Nevel said. “Greene County Jail brought him to the Catskill state police barracks so he could be officially processed — fingerprinted and photographed. He was in the hospital since this happened.”

Field was charged in September, but was processed five months later, on March 8, in Catskill, Nevel said.

“He wasn’t in a position — because he was in the hospital — where we could fingerprint him or get his mugshot,” Nevel said.

Field is charged with stabbing White in the chest and back. The wounds penetrated White’s heart and spleen, causing his death, pathologist Dr. Jeffrey Hubbard reported following the autopsy.

Field is also charged with assaulting another man, Christopher Gere, by stabbing him in the back. Gere was treated at Albany Medical Center and survived, Stanzione said.

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