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Number of COVID-19 cases here growing


HUDSON–As of late afternoon, March 22, the Columbia County Health Department reported 17 positive cases of COVID-19. The health department has received a total of 203 test results completed for Columbia County residents. There are several residents under mandatory and precautionary quarantine.

The Town of Ancram has one reported case.

Anyone sick with any symptoms, should stay home for 14 days. Even if a person is sick with any other virus or mild respiratory illness, staying home protects them and their community. “We all have the power to slow down the spread,” according to the press release received via Ancramemail.

Essential services will continue. Governor Cuomo’s list of essential services can be found on the Ancram Town website:
Those forced to be in public whether to obtain supplies or to staff the essential services workforce, can continue to practice social distancing by keeping as much distance as possible from others (ideally 6 feet), wash hands frequently, don’t touch your face, avoid frequently touched surfaces (door handles, counter tops, sinks, sanitize your cell phone, light switches, remote controls, toilets, tables, chairs, gas pump handles). When forced to touch these surfaces use a barrier when appropriate.
For more information go to the Columbia County Health Department website at…/coronavirus-covid…/
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