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Collins wins Chatham super’s seat


CHATHAM–The County Board of Elections had not yet released unofficial results from local elections, but poll results provided by town Democrats showed that the slate endorsed by the town GOP won by a landslide.

Donal Collins won the race for town supervisor, beating incumbent Maria Lull by 915 to 496.

He was joined in the victory by his running mates seeking the two open seats on the Town Board. Abi Mesick won her seat with 921 votes and Vance Pitkin was the top vote getter on the ticket, with 930.

Neither Mr. Collins nor Ms. Mesick is registered Republican; Mr. Pitkin is.

Incumbent Town Board member Michael Richardson, a Democrat, had 509 and his running mate, Gabriella Sperry, had 497 votes.

The vote tallies do not include early voter and absentee ballots.

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