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Claverack hears calls for light and water


CLAVERACK–The town will look into possible extensions to its water district and one of its lighting districts after receiving requests from town residents.

Resident Mike Bowman spoke to the board last week requesting a streetlight on behalf of residents who live in the vicinity of the intersection of Orchard Grove Lane and Route 9H.

“Obviously 20 years ago, when these homes weren’t there, there was no need for a streetlight,” he said. “But now there are lots of homes on either side of the street.”

Mr. Bowman said the residents are requesting just one light, and he said there is already a pole there. He submitted a petition that he said was signed by 95% of the residences in the area.

“It’s really almost impossible to find the road at night when you’re driving,” he said.

Town Supervisor Clifford “Kippy” Weigelt said the light would have to become part of a lighting district.

Town attorney Rob Fitzsimmons said the town will look into the request. He said the town engineer would have to do an analysis.

Supervisor Weigelt asked whether Mr. Bowman and his neighbors would want lights going down both sides of the road. Mr. Bowman laughed, saying he didn’t want to ask for too much.

“If we’re going to take this step,” said Supervisor Weigelt, “then we might as well look into it.”

Later in the meeting, Mr. Fitzsimmons presented another request the town received. The owners of five residences are requesting an extension to the town’s water district. He said the first thing that will need to happen is for those people to file a petition that describes the area that would be served.

“When we get the petition in, you can have your engineer do an analysis,” he told the Town Board.

Mr. Fitzsimmons said that after the engineer completes the research and the town has estimates of what the project will cost, then the board could notify the residents of the cost and take it from there. He said that due to the agreement with the Town of Greenport, which supplies water to the district, the Greenport Town Board would also have to pass a resolution approving extension of the district.

Also at the October 9 Town Board meeting, the board set a public hearing for November 13 at 7 p.m. for the preliminary budget for next year. Board member Katy Cashen said the budget information will be placed on the town’s website, but cautioned that the numbers could change since it will not be the final budget.

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