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Chatham Village Board takes on empty home mess


CHATHAM–The Village Board last week passed a motion to clean up an abandoned private property. Mayor Tom Curran said the clean-up would begin with Department of Public Works crew taking away the trash at 9 Academy Place.

The cost of the cleanup will be added to the tax bill of the property owner, said Mayor Curran at the January 8 meeting. He said the village had reached out owner to the several times and had not heard back. Village Clerk Barbara Henry said the property appeared to be abandoned.

Mayor Curran said that there were other properties in the village that were not maintained by their owners but that since there is a cost to conduct clean-ups and legal steps are required before any action is taken the board would work on one property at time.

Board member Lenore Packet suggested looking into a private company that does clean-ups to see if that would be less expensive for the village.

The board also heard a presentation from Tim Carr of Monolith Solar about using the company, which is based in Rensselaer, to meet the power needs of the village. Mr. Carr, a Village of Chatham resident, said that if the board signs a contract with his solar company the village would receive a credit toward its energy needs by using off-site solar panels, called host solar arrays. There would be no solar panels on village municipal buildings and Monolith would cover the construction fees and maintenance of the panels at the company’s site.

“This system in the first year is going to save the village $20,000,” Mr. Carr told the board. He said Monolith is currently working with Schodack and doing a large project with City of Schenectady. Monolith is also in talks with the Village of Valatie.

Mayor Curran said the board would review Mr. Carr’s proposal. “Upfront it seems to make sense,” he said.

Also at the meeting:

  • The board Recognized the service of village Associate Justice and Ghent Town Justice David Harrison, who died December 20. Mayor Curran said at the meeting, “He was a wonderful man.” The board needs to look for an new associate justice, since Mr. Harrison served as backup for the current justice
  • Ms. Henry said she is looking into companies that would help the village offer credit card service for paying water and sewer bills.

The next Village Board meeting will be Thursday, February 12 at 7 p.m.

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