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Chatham school board meets new resource deputy


CHATHAM–The Board of Education was introduced to the district’s new school resource deputy (SRD) last week, Deputy Todd Hyson. The board approved the agreement with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office for a part-time SRD in July.

The agreement was proposed by Sheriff David Bartlett in March as part of his goal of getting officers back into Columbia County schools. All six school districts now have an agreement for a SRD. Chatham’s assigned SRD, Deputy Hyson, is shared with the New Lebanon School District and spends about 20 hours a week in each district.

Deputy Hyson told Chatham’s school board that he wears “a lot of hats” when in the schools, including teaching cyber safety, bicycle safety, driver’s education and penal law. However, you won’t see him in math class, he joked. “I’ve been avoiding those.”

He said he does not get involved in disciplinary matters, leaving that to the principals.

Schools Superintendent Cheryl Nuciforo said Deputy Hyson was “very helpful” the prior week when there was news that children in Colonie and Berkshire County had been approached by a unidentified man. She said Deputy Hyson was able to reach out to contacts at another agency and provide the district with accurate information regarding the matter.

Ms. Nuciforo said he also assisted the district in holding an assembly to remind the students about keeping safe and how to avoid potential dangers when it comes to strangers.



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