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Chatham hunts for new pumper


CHATHAM–The Village Board has agreed to put out a bid request for new pumper truck. The Chatham Village Fire Company recently put one of its older trucks out of service and getting a new truck is now time sensitive, according to former Village Fire Chief John Howe.

He said the Fire Truck Committee, which has been researching new trucks for several months, hopes the truck will cost less than $520,000.

At the April 14 meeting Village Board meeting Mr. Howe, who was also the county fire coordinator, said that the committee met with venders and reviewed several proposals for trucks. “We’re looking for direction at this point,” he told the board.

The board agreed to prepare specifications and advertise for bids for the truck. That information will be released after the board meets next month.

Mr. Howe stressed that if the bids come in too high the board can reject them. Just putting out the bids does not obligate the board to spend any money.

“Our fire protection is a huge part of our community,” said Mayor Tom Curran, speaking in support of the fire company’s request.

At last week’s meeting the board also resolved to look into financing a project to close the village reservoir. The reservoir, located on High Street, is an open body of water. The board will investigate obtaining low interest loans and grants from the state for the project. The mayor said that the state Department of Environmental Conservation supports the effort.

In another water related matter the board approved spending $38,704 on new water main for Woodbridge Avenue and $6,151 for pipe for the sewer.

Also at the April 14 meeting:

• The board announced that village-wide cleanup days will been June 6 and 13. Villagers can put out bulk trash to be picked up curbside. A list of materials that can be disposed of will be posted by the village and residents must give the clerk notice that they will be putting out materials for collection

• The county Sheriff’s Office will host a prescription drug take-back day in the Tracy Memorial April 30

• The Chatham Police Department has updated its email and firewall protection at a cost of $2,751 plus a $400 installation fee

• The board will host two more budget meetings April 18 and April 25 at 6 p.m. at the Tracy Memorial.

The next Village Board meeting will be Thursday, April 28 at 7 p.m.

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