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Chatham asks from lower speeds in two hamlets


CHATHAM–The Town Board has approved motions authorizing Highway Superintendent Joe Rickert to request that the county and the state lower speed limits in the hamlets of New Concord and East Chatham.

Residents who live near New Concord Road and County Route 9 were at the February 15 board meeting to ask the board to reduce the speed limit. The posted limit on New Concord Road is 35 mph and County Route 9 it is 40 mph.

Town Supervisor Maria Lull told the residents the town could not lower the speed limit on a county or state route and that the town Highway Department would have to make the request to the county and state governments.

There was also discussion of the speed limit on Route 295 through the hamlet of East Chatham, which is currently 35 mph.

“We just have to ask them nicely and go through the process,” said Supervisor Lull.

She did say the town’s Enhanced Enforcement patrols, a program the town pays for through the county Sheriff’s Office to have a deputy monitor speeding on town roads, has been on hold for the winter months. She said when the patrols start again in March she will ask that deputy sheriffs to monitor New Concord Road.

“We’re working with you. We’ll do the best we can,” she told the residents at the meeting.

Resolutions the board passed at the meeting allow Mr. Rickert to send a request for “lower speed limits” on county Route 9 to the County Highway Department and a request to the state DOT for a reduction of the speed limit on Route 295 in East Chatham. The motions did not specify a speed limit the board hopes for on those roads.

The board also created a Road Maintenance Committee made up of the Town Planner Nan Stolzenburg, Town Engineer Pat Prendergast, Mr. Rickert, Councilman John Wapner and resident Van Calhoun.

Supervisor Lull said the committee was created to “codify the road’s policy.”

Also at the meeting:

• The Town Board is continuing to review the proposed changes to the zoning law with Ms. Stolzenburg. The board will meet with her again March 7 at 6 p.m. at the Town Hall

• Ms. Lull said that the town attorney for land use, John Lyons, and Ms. Stolzenburg had reviewed a proposed timbering law for the town, but that it was not yet ready for adoption. She said Ms. Stolzenburg had some questions.

Ms. Lull said Town Attorney Sal Ferlazzo was rewriting the proposed law and the board would review the proposal again at next month’s meeting. A public hearing was held last December on the proposed law and several residents commented on it at that time

• The town assessor asked that the board to make residents aware that the deadline for exemption applications is March 1.

The next town board meeting will be Thursday, March 15 at 6 p.m. in the Town Hall.

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