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Canaan Conservation Club hosts annual ice fishing derby


CANAAN – The Canaan Conservation Club’s 18th annual Hard Water Derby February 18, registered about 75 fishing enthusiasts according to David Patzwahl, one of the event organizers. The weather was balmy and bright. A boost for the turnout was provided by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who declared it a free fishing weekend so licenses were not required.

A further benefit for the ice fisher public, that many did not realize, is that the limit for tip ups was increased this year from five to seven lines per person in addition to a jigging pole. When the contest ended at 1:30 p.m. respectable examples of each of the species in the contest had been measured.

David Yerke, of Menands, holds his first-place-winning 26-1/2″ pickerel. Photo by David Lee

The largest fish of the day was a 26-1/2″ pickerel caught by David Yerke of Menands. The largest trout was a 15-1/4″ rainbow caught by Fran Amlaw of New Lebanon. Prizes were also given for perch and crappie.

Anna Lawless, of New Lebanon, holds up her 20-1/2″ pickerel, the first prize winner in the youth division. Photo by David Lee

The ice on Queechy Lake was about 7-8 inches thick according to organizers. But Mr. Patzwahl, who lives on the lake, cautioned that there are places where moving water reduces the thickness to the point that it may be unsafe or even open.

Results in the adult categories are as follows:

Trout: First place- Fran Amlaw, 15-1/4″ rainbow

Second- Kyle Lehmuth, 13-Adults1/2″ brown

Third- Matt Akin 13″ brown

Pickerel: First place- David Yerke, 26-1/2″

Second- Tim MacVeigh, 25-1/4″

Third- Tim MacVeigh, 25″

Crappie: First place- Charles Fate, Jr. 13″

Second- Silas Amlaw, 10-3/4″

Third- Silas Amlaw, 10-1/4″

Perch: First place- Kyle Lehmuth, 13-1/2″

Second- Jeff March, 13-1/4″

Third- Kyle Lehmuth, 13-1/4″

Results in the youth category:

Pickerel: First place- Anna Lawless, 20-1/2″

Second- Lucas Hengen-Chasen, 17-3/4″

Third- Morgan Lawless, 16-3/4″

Crappie: First and only- Lucas Hengen-Chasen, 13″

Perch: First and only- Lucas Blanck, 14″

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