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$700K approved in Appropriations Act


WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Scott Murphy (D-20th) announced this week that $700,000 in funding for the Hudson Headwaters Health Network and the Northern Dutchess Hospital is included in the Labor, Health and Education Appropriations Act.
   The bill will invest in improvements to education, housing and health care.
   This act builds on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to provide short-term relief to struggling American families by shoring up social safety net programs, and long-term solutions to help the economy grow and build the future workforce.
   “As we work to reform our health care, it is imperative that we work to take cost out of the system. The funding secured today for hospitals in the 20th District will go towards improving health care IT, which will not only create better outcomes for sick patients, but will contribute to driving down costs. We need our doctors and nurses treating patients, not filling out unnecessary paperwork,” Representative Murphy said in a press release.
   The funding includes:
*$350,000 for the Hudson Headwaters Health Network for critically important upgrade to its telecommunication capabilities to improve patient services, increase efficiency, bring down costs and support an Electronic Medical Records System to be implemented in 2010.
*$350,000 for the Northern Dutchess Hospital to ensure continued and safe access to health care in a rural area of the state.
   To build and train the next generation of workers, this bill includes funding to recruit and train health professionals in underserved areas and encourages doctors and scientists to develop the latest medical discoveries that will keep Americans healthy and reduce health care costs.
   The legislation also provides funds for programs such as the Teacher Incentive Fund, which encourages teachers to innovate and find new ways to engage students and help them learn, while boosting funding for literacy programs and college preparation programs for disadvantaged students.

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