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Gallatin Democrats choose candidates


GALLATIN–The Gallatin Democratic Committee held its caucus August 27 and selected Steven Sorman and Joseph Grabarz to run for Town Council seats. It also nominated incumbents Lisa DeLeeuw to run for re-election as town clerk and Justice Fred Schultz for town justice .

Mr. Sorman is an internationally known artist with the experience of having served two terms previously on the Gallatin Town Board.

Mr. Grabarz represents college and university professors as well as worker groups in nearby Connecticut. He is a long-time resident of Gallatin.

Ms. DeLeeuw has served as town clerk for many years and has frequently been cross-endorsed in previous elections. Justice Schultz has been town justice for many years.

The release from the committee said that all of the party’s Gallatin candidates “have promised a spirited and forceful campaign.




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