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Stewart’s donates closed store to local group


PHILMONT–The Stewart’s Shops Corporation has donated its vacant store at 116 Main Street to Philmont Beautification, Inc., the grass-roots community development organization in the village.

The company vacated the 2,100-sq-ft. building on its 1.1 acre site in December 2010 at the same time it opened a new store in Chatham.

Sally Baker, Executive Director of Philmont Beautification, Inc., said in a release from the organization announcing the gift, “The donation has provided a head start for renovating the building and site and taking the next steps of Main St. development in Philmont. Discussions are on-going with the Philmont Market and Café Cooperative to determine how renovations for the building can meet the needs of the start-up cooperative. There is the potential to significantly lower the operating overhead of the Cooperative by including green energy-efficient solutions to reduce energy costs.”

Ms. Baker also praised the company for its philanthropy in support of small communities in the region. Stewart’s, an employee and family owned business, operates seven stores in the county and has 328 convenience stores overall in Upstate New York and southern Vermont.

The Stewart’s Shops donation of the store, which has substantial Main St. frontage, comes with “no strings attached,” according to the release from Philmont Beautification, Inc. (PB Inc.). The local organization says the site will be developed with input from residents and business owners, with the expectation that it will function as a business incubator. The group also expects the property will assist start-ups like the Philmont Market & Café Cooperative and other initiatives suggested by residents dedicated to Philmont’s downtown revitalization.

A community presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, March 6 at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall in Philmont for those interested in discussing the future of the 116 Main St. site, the intended renovations and how the donation of the property can best serve the needs of the community.

For more information contact Ms. Baker at Philmont Beautification, Inc., PO Box 1072, Philmont, NY 12565; call 518 672-7556, email or visit


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