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Election results are now final… mostly


HUDSON–The Columbia County Board of Elections has released final but as yet unofficial results for the general election held November 5. Still undecided is the race for Town Council in Chatham, where at there are 10 unopened and two opened absentee ballots that have been challenged by Republicans. As of Wednesday of this week before those ballots have been counted or discarded only two votes separate incumbent Republican Maria Lull from challenger Landra Haber.

Republican Party officials have until Friday to lodge challenges in court against the absentee ballots. The outcome will decide one of two seats on the board. The other seat was won by incumbent Republican Henry Swartz.

The other results published here reflect updates of incomplete results published in our November 7 edition where, in some cases the counting of absentee ballots changed the outcome or, in other races, where the winners were not clear because of the number of uncounted absentee ballots.

Among those races, the complete results with absentee ballots show that Democrat Mallory Mort won a seat on the Ghent Town Board, defeating incumbent and acting town Supervisor Lawrence Van Brunt, a Republican.

In Austerlitz, Democrat Greg Vogler, a Democrat, won a Town Board seat against Republican Carol Pinto. In Taghkanic Democrat Joyce Thompson and Republican Ryan Skoda won election to the board. And in Copake, the library funding proposition, which narrowly lost in the votes cast Election Day has won approval now that the absentee ballots have been counted.

The final results must be certified by the county Board of Elections after any challenges are resolved and accepted by the state to become official. The county election board website is

Unofficial vote results update


Council (Vote for 2)

*Greg Vogler DEM 372

Carol Pinto REP, CON, IND 331

*Matthew A. Verenazi REP, CON, IND 430




Council (Vote for 2)

Landra B. Haber DEM, WOR, Community First 562

Kandace M. Eaton DEM, WOR, Community First 557

Maria Lull REP, CON, IND 559

Henry V. Swartz, Jr. REP, CON, IND 572



“Shall the annual contribution of the Town of Copake for the operating budget of the Roeliff Jansen Community Library be increased by eighteen thousand dollars ($18,000) to the sum of fifty five thousand dollars ($55,000) annually?”

Yes 528

No 524


Council (Vote for 2)

*Mallory Mort DEM, Ghent First 813

*Charles Wood DEM, REP, IND 1,350

Lawrence E. Van Brunt REP, CON, IND 774



“Shall the annual contribution of the Town of Hillsdale for the operating budget of the Roeliff Jansen Community Library be increased by eighteen thousand five hundred ($18,500) dollars to the sum of forty two thousand five hundred ($42,500) dollars annually?”

Yes 315

No 249

Council (Vote for 2)

*Gillian Sims-Elster DEM 279

Peter Cipkowski DEM 263

Frank Velez REP 240

*Carmen Barbato REP 317





Matthew J. Larabee DEM 316

*Michael Benson REP, CON, IND 405

Council (Vote for 2)

Irene Hanna DEM 305

Trina Porte DEM 141

*Dan Evans REP, CON, IND 431

*Chuck Geraldi REP 320

Joshua Schuster CON, IND 76

Kevin Smith Voice of the People 116




Larry Kadish DEM, WOR 289

Erik Tyree REP, CON, IND 296

Council (Vote for 2)

*Joyce Thompson DEM, WOR 295

Linda Swartz DEM 275

Carolyn Sammons REP, CON, IND 291

Ryan Skoda REP, CON, IND 293


*Jeff Tallackson DEM, WOR 306

William Leete REP, CON, IND 265

Highway Superintendent

*George Hotaling DEM 328

Bob “Rocky” Rockler REP, CON, IND 258


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