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DOT says old oak must go and town agrees


CLAVERACK–Town Supervisor Robin Andrews said last week that the state Department of Transportation plans to remove a large white oak tree on Route 217 in Mellenville. Ms. Andrews read the letter from the DOT to the town explaining its reasons at the August 8 Town Board meeting.

The letter states that an arborist from a regional landscape group says the 58”-diameter tree poses a danger to drivers and has “major bug infestation” as well as large sections of bark missing.

“The tree is a hazard and is on borrowed time,” said the letter from DOT.

Ms. Andrews said it is a very old tree, but agreed with the DOT’s assessment.

“Cars have hit it so many times,” she said.

The tree is scheduled to be removed by the end of August.

Also at the August 8 meeting the board:

Heard Councilman Bob Preusser report that Philmont has been awarded a grant of $3,200 to do a feasibility study regarding water quality and storm water cleanup

Heard Ms. Andrews say that the Economic Development Committee and Town Board members met with representatives from DOT to discuss plans for the intersection of Routes 23B and 9H. While no decisions were made, said Ms. Andrews, all agreed “to move slowly and consider crosswalks as a first priority for pedestrian safety”

Heard board member Katy Cashen say she will be reviewing the Town of Ghent’s new mass gathering law for ideas to consider for Claverack

Set a special meeting date of August 19 at 7 p.m. to discuss bids regarding the Millbrook Bridge project.



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