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Claverack board park about to get rolling


CLAVERACK–The town is moving toward the completion of the skate board park at the Town Park. This project has been in process for years, and the concrete pad has finally been poured.

At this month’s Town Board meeting Mike Johnson, the board member liaison with the park, reported that town officials have received an offer from American Ramp Co. to finish the park at a 25% discount so that the company can use it as a model. The new design will be modular so it can be changed, moved and expanded. 

Forty-five days after the town accepts the bid the skate park will be up and running, said Mr. Johnson.

The town has a special reserve fund for this project in the amount of $60,000, but officials hope that they will have to spend only $40,000 on the project.

Also at the park, two old dugouts have been torn out and rebuilt with volunteers and donations of lumber and materials. Backstops were damaged by recent winds, and the insurance company issued a payment that paid for only half of what was needed to repair the damage. The town has also held meetings with Little League officials to develop policies for using the park and the baseball fields.

Another item of information was that Opportunities, Inc. wants to purchase a house on Fish and Game Road to use as a home for nine women who need special care. This also means some job opportunities for townspeople.

The board adopted a motion without objection approving the new use of the home, and town Supervisor Robin Andrews said would write to the organization confirming the board’s approval.

One of the big issues in town, particularly in Philmont, concerns the U.S. Census.  The Census Bureau does not send the census forms to people who list only a post office box as an address, but all of Philmont’s residents have those boxes as well as some people in Claverack.

Ms. Andrews said she has been trying to find a way to be sure that all residents are counted.  Right now any resident may call (866) 872-6858 to request that a census form be mailed to his or her post office box. The call is toll free.

In May workers with the Census Bureau are scheduled to visit each house that has not received a form. Ms. Andrews requests that all residents make sure they are counted so that Philmont and Claverack will receive all the federal dollars and services they are entitled to. By one estimate, each person counted accounts for $1,500 in federal aid. Census data also help determine some state and county funding, and the numbers are used in establishing voting districts.

In other town business, GAR, the company reassessing properties around the town, held a public meeting this week to explain how the reassessments will be done. The company said each property will be visited and a simple outdoor observation will be made to verify the information that will affect the reassessment value. Approximately 75 people attended the session. 

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