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Valatie residents can swipe their bills away


VALATIE – Village residents will soon be able to pay taxes and certain bills by credit card thanks to a motion passed by the Village Board at the monthly meeting Tuesday, July 8.

Village Clerk Barbara Fischer told the board that any fees for using credit cards would be paid by the cardholder not the village.

Residents can use credit cards to pay property taxes, building permits and water and sewer bills. Ms. Fischer said that residents have asked her about using their cards and that the fee, which is about 3% added on to the cardholders’ bill, did not deter people.

“This is used all over the state. This is nothing new,” said Board Member Dave Williams of using the credit card system, called GovPayNet. In a phone interview at the meeting, Ms. Fischer said that GovPayNet is the credit card service used by many courts in the county.

The board unanimously approved moving forward with the getting the credit card machine.

The board also discussed late water and sewer bills at the meeting. Mayor Diane Argyle said that since the village moved to a new billing system last year some residents have reported not receiving bills. She said after the meeting that there are “some issues” with the new program. The board plans to send letters to property owners with late water and sewer bills and a warning that the board will authorize shutting off water service if bills are not paid. The property owners can contact the village clerk’s office about a payment plan if needed.

In other business, the board approved cleaning up an acre owne by the village in the Holly Hills housing development. Residents had complained to the board that the area is overgrown with weeds and is home to pests. The village board will pay Nathen Becker, who has been hired previously for clean-up tasks in the village, to do tackle the untidy Holly Hills lot.

The Valatie Economic Redevelopment Association (VERA) is sponsoring a Village Wide Tag Sale Saturday, July 19. VERA President Randall Schmit reported to the board that the deadline for getting on the map of where sales will be has been extended to Friday, July 11. Residents interested in being on the map should contact Jackie Hennessy at Hennessy Insurance on Main Street or go to www.veravalatie.com for more information.

The next Village Board meeting will be Tuesday, August 12 at 7 p.m. in the Martin H. Glynn Building.

To contact reporter Emilia Teasdale email eteasdale@columbiapaper.com.



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