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Nothing’s shady about town’s rec program


CHATHAM–The Town Board has hired Joe Iuviene as the architect for the Crellin Park building project. But at a special meeting May 1 the board also decided to postpone building a structure at the site near the pond until after this summer’s recreation program.

“You are a little behind the eight ball,” Mr. Iuviene told the board in response to a suggestion that construction on a new pavilion start before the recreation programs begins at the end of June. “If this was April 1, I’d say no problem,” he said.

The old pavilion at the park was torn down before last summer’s recreation program. Deputy Town Clerk and Recreation Director Shari Franks said the old pavilion, which had bathrooms, a snack bar and changing rooms, had been shifting due to a badly poured foundation. The summer recreation program runs for six weeks, ending in early August, and last summer the campers used portable toilets at the pond and events where held at the other pavilion in the park, which further from the pond.

The board has been discussing what to do about the building for several months and a committee had been meeting to discuss whether to consider a larger building to replace the old pavilion, one that would house not only the recreation program but also the town court. But in January the board dissolved that committee, after forming it in late 2013, and turned instead to discussions about the current approach.

Ms. Franks had suggested purchasing a prefabricated structure, like a Morton Building, at previous meetings. She also suggested using reclaimed timber for a pavilion at one point. The board has $125,000 set aside to build some sort of structure near the pond.

Last week, after discussing the plan with Mr. Iuviene, the board decided to wait until after the summer to start construction on a simple pavilion at a cost that would not require borrowing funds to complete. Board members also agreed to meet with Ms. Franks and Mr. Iuviene to tour the site and pick the best location for the new building.

There was no further discussion of what will be done for shade, bathrooms and changing facilities for this year’s recreation program, which will have additional campers from the Town of Kinderhook recreation program coming to swim in the afternoon.

The next regular meeting is Thursday, May 15 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall on Route 295.

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