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Board hopes paperwork won’t clog sewer start


KINDERHOOK–The Village Board still hopes that construction to connect the central village business district to the Valatie sewer treatment plant will begin in August, even though there is still business to complete before digging can start.

“It’s just a matter of getting the paperwork done,” project manager Jim Dunham told the board at the regular meeting Wednesday, June 12. The paperwork involves information for state and federal agencies on archeological sites. Mr. Dunham said there are three sites that need be “watched” during construction and that the board needs to conduct State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR), which may require a special meeting once the paperwork is done.

Mr. Dunham and Mayor Carol Weaver have been meeting with property owners in the village about easements on their land for the sewer project, which won villagers’ approval last August. About 37 properties in the business district will connect to a central sewer line to the Village of Valatie sewer plant. The project is funded by state and federal grants as well as about $900,000 from the village.

“Some people who were not in favor of the project were very cooperative,” said Mr. Dunham of his conversations with property owners who will need to have pipes laid on their property before they can connect to the sewer line. The board also plans to connect the historic Vanderpoel House on Route 9 and St. Paul’s Church on Church Street to the sewer system after the work in the business district is completed.

Except for this connection to the Valatie system, Kinderhook village does not have a central sewer system.

Construction has started on the inter-village sidewalk project along Route 9 and as part of that project pipes are being put down for the sewer connection. “It’s going good, I think,” said Mr. Dunham of the sidewalk project. When complete the sidewalk link will make it possible for pedestrians to walk safely between the two villages. This project is also funded with federal and state grants, with a small percentage coming from the villages.

Mr. Dunham is also helping the village with site line issues at the intersection of Hudson and Silvester streets. After discussing the issue with the Kinderhook Memorial Library, which is on the corner where the two village streets meet, the board plans to restrict parking on two 30-foot sections on both sides of Hudson Street. Mr. Dunham said of the plan, “It will help,” though he wasn’t sure everyone would be happy with it.

The next project the Village Board is looking at is roof repairs for the Village Hall. Trustee Bob Puckett said he is talking to the power company, National Grid, about moving power lines near the roof. At a previous meeting Mr. Puckett said the lines running above village hall were 53” from the roof and they should be 10’. The lines would hinder work needed repair on the roof. Moving the lines could cost up to $30,000.

He said the power company was “being very unresponsive with me,” and he told the board that courts have ruled in other cases that the company has to pay for moving power lines if the construction requiring relocation of the lines qualifies as a public works project. “Working on this building is public works,” said Mr. Puckett. He hopes by next week he will be able to speak to someone at the power company who can help.

Trustee Rich Phillips reported on the most recent Planning Board meeting saying that developer Paul Calcagno was at the meeting to talk about the empty lots on Albany Avenue where two buildings owned by Mr. Calcagno burned down in January. Mr. Philips said Mr. Calcagno told the board that “he’d like to see one building with a courtyard for people to sit outside.”

Also at the meeting the board announced that the office will closed for software update training Wednesday, June 26.

The next Village Board meeting will be Wednesday, July 10 at 7:30 p.m.

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