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K’hook Board, in new home, gets advice on future floods


VALATIE–The Kinderhook Town board appointed Ichabod Crane math teacher Jacob Patenaude town recreation director for this summer and Julie Grace the assistant director at the board’s regular meeting Monday, May 20.

The board changed the date of its regular meeting, which is normally the second Monday of the month, because officials were moving offices from the old town hall in Niverville to the new town hall in the Martin H. Glynn School building on Church Street, Valatie.  The town will share the building with the Village of Valatie, the Town Court and a county Sheriff’s Office substation.


The town’s offices are on the first floor of the building, and town meetings are now being held in the large conference room at the far end of the building.

Board member Patsy Leader said that there will be a Neighborhood Watch Committee meeting with representatives from local law enforcement Thursday, June 27 at Martin H. Glynn Building at 7 p.m.

Representatives from the Cornell Corporative Extension spoke to the board at the beginning of the meeting about the Hudson Estuary Watershed Resilience Project, which can provide assistance and education to communities developing flood readiness and response plans.

Board member Glenn Smith, who is also the code enforcement officer for several villages in the county, said that the flood maps for the county are outdated. He has had to use maps from 1968 and homeowners are not always aware of the flooding issues around them, he said. “We’ve had two 500-year events in the last 2 years,” Mr. Smith said of flooding that has affected the town.

The Cornell Corporative Extension will hold workshops for board members and highway departments about stream science and flooding.

As for the summer recreation program, chair of the town recreation committee, Mark Leinung recommended the board hire Mr. Patenaude and Ms. Grace for the recreation program. Mr. Leinung said he hopes Mr. Patenaude would bring “a little more strict organization” to the program.

The recreation director will make $5,000 for 40 hours of preparation and 6 weeks of the program; the assistant director will make $3,100 the same about of hours.

The only program up in the air for this summer is the tennis, since the courts are at Niverville Town Hall Park. Supervisor Pat Grattan said the program would run “as long as we have the town hall.” The board plans to sell the building and use the revenues for any improvement projects needed on the new town hall building.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, June 10 at 7 p.m.

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