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Old school becomes new municipal hall


VALATIE–The Martin H. Glynn Building Committee met briefly on a frigid night last week to go over some steps needed before the Kinderhook Town Court, the Town Board and Village of Valatie Board can move into the building, making it a municipal center for the local government.

Heat was part of the discussion on Thursday, January 24. Valatie Mayor Gary Strevell said he was impressed that such an old system was automated. The Ichabod Crane School District, which owned the building until late December, has won awards from the state from its energy efficiency and had over the years made some upgrades at the school to make it more efficient. So far, the pipes in the building have not frozen in the cold weather.

Town Board members said they had talked with Steve Marotta, the director of facilities at Ichabod Crane, about the centralized heating system. Board member Deb Simonsmeier praised the new school Superintendent George Zini, saying that she thought he would be helpful with questions and concerns the boards might have about the building.

CYO Basketball has been using the gym for games. Tim Ragosta, the president of the community league, was at the meeting cleaning up the gym for a Friday night game. He did point out that the school district had taken out the scoreboards but the hoops where ready for both practices and games.

The Boy Scouts also held an event in the building the weekend before. Representatives attended the meeting Thursday to discuss holding their meetings in the Glynn Building once the government moves in.

The date on which the two boards will move in is still being discussed. Kinderhook Town Supervisor Pat Grattan said that they were waiting for the building to get wired for phone and Internet for the boards and for the court, which has to be separate from other municipal functions. The court wiring is done by the state court system.

Mr. Gattan said the County Sheriff’s Office substation will move into the building first. The substation is currently located in the American Legion Hall on Main Street in Valatie but will move to the basement of the Glynn Building, saving the Village money now paid to rent the room from the Legion post.

The Town and Village boards bought the school building in late December for $1 from the Ichabod Crane School District. The building, which was built in the late 1920s, was closed by the school district last year due to declining enrollment.

Residents in the district gave the school board the approval to sell the buildings last May but it took several months of negotiations between the municipalities and the school board to finalize the transfer.

The Martin H. Glynn Building Committee meet again February 28 at 7:30 p.m. at the building on Church Street.

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