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Village Board acts to stop pumping iron


VALATIE–The Village Board has approved flushing out a test well at River Street Park that tests show has a high iron content.

The test well is part of a project aimed at digging new wells for village drinking water, an effort made necessary after the board received a letter from the state Department of Health in 2011 about its current well water being “under the influence of surface water.” The village has been looking for at least one replacement well for several months.


The board adopted a motion at the regular board meeting Tuesday, February 8 to pay $7,700 to flush the test well for several days to see whether the iron content goes down. Iron is not an issue in the other village well nearby.

The cost for flushing the test well does not include a generator that has to run the pump, but Mayor Gary Strevell said that the village may receive a donated generator. He said he would also look into using the generator at the new sewer treatment plant now being built which is also in River Street Park.

Mayor Strevell said the good news on the sewer plant upgrades is that work on that project is ahead of schedule. Most of the upgrades are being funded by grants and a no-interest loan from the state.

At this week’s meeting the mayor also signed an intermunicipal agreement with the Town of Kinderhook for ownership of Martin H. Glynn School on Church Street. The two municipalities closed on the transfer of the school December 28. The village also paid the Ichabod Crane School District for title to Glynn Square, the park across the street from the school building.

Mayor Strevell said the village does not plan to move into the school building immediately, though the town and village have divided up the space and they know where their new offices will be. He said the village plans to reconfigure its share of the space and do some painting before officials move in.

“I don’t see this as a big expense item,” he said of the upgrades. The board plans to use volunteers for most of the work and the move.

The board approved holding the March 19 village elections at the current village hall, 3053 Main Street, from noon to 9 p.m. The mayor term and the seats of Trustees Phillip Bickerton and Nancy Bryant seats are up for election this year.

The board had another long discussion with representatives from the Northern Columbia Little League about the use of the Callan Park on New Street. The league would like to do some upgrades to the field and add a concession stand. But league officials want to make sure they have right of first refusal for use of the field ahead of other organizations that might also want to use it.

The league and the village are also trying to work with the Valatie Fire Department about adding concession stand that won’t compete with the department’s concession stand, which raises money for events at the firehouse.

The Village Attorney William Better was not at the meeting and Mayor Strevell said though he supported the league’s upgrades to the field he wanted some sort of lease agreement drafted by Mr. Better for the board to approve. The mayor said the board would also reach out to other municipalities in the state that have agreements with local parks being used and maintained by local Little Leagues.

The next regular village meeting will be Tuesday, February 12 at 7:30 p.m.

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