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ICC picks new schools chief


KINDERHOOK–The school board has hired George Zini as superintendent of the Ichabod Crane School District. A former Massachusetts superintendent, Mr. Zini will start in January. Board vice-president Regina Rose said that interim Superintendent Lee Bordick will stay until the New Year.

Also at the Tuesday, November 6 meeting, Mr. Bordick acknowledged soccer player Taylor Jablawski for raising $400 for the family of a Tamarac high school girls’ soccer team player who had been diagnosed with cancer. Mr. Bordick said that Taylor’s efforts were over shadowed by the news that a Tamarac coach had posted racist comments on his Facebook page. “Pretty disturbing stuff,” was how Mr. Bordick described the comments to the board.

He praised the fundraising effort by Taylor, who started raising the money before the Facebook story broke. “He represents the best of Ichabod Crane kids,” said Mr. Bordick.

Taylor could not attend the meeting because he was playing in the regional soccer finals Tuesday night, a game that Ichabod Crane won.

The board also approved a four-year contract with the District’s Teacher Association (ICTA) retroactive to the 2011-12 school year and running until 2014-15. Mr. Bordick and the board praised the teachers for making concessions in the contract concerning pay raises and health insurance plans. “Salary increases are roughly 0% for year one,” said Mr. Bordick, and he said over the next three years in the increases are under 2%.

Ms. Rose said she appreciated the teachers’ sacrifices in the contract and she urged the public to “keep the political pressure on” in Albany for maintaining state aid to school districts. “The teachers accepted a contract that never would have happened 10 or 15 years ago,” she said.

As for the new leader of the school district, Ms. Rose said that Mr. Zini plans to visit the school and work with Mr. Bordick on the transition. Mr. Zini is not currently working at another school district. He was most recently with the Uxbridge Central School near Worchester, MA, but Mr. Bordick said the new superintendent is originally from Coxsackie.

“We really had good candidates,” Ms. Rose said of the search process conducted by BOCES/Questar III. A committee of community members interviewed nine candidates, narrowing the choice to seven, with three candidates making the final cut, which involved meeting with administrators in the district as well as the board.

“It was close,” she said of the choice, but the board agreed that Mr. Zini was best for the position. “I’m sure everyone will like him,” she said.

Mr. Bordick has been with the district for two years, since Superintendent James Dexter left in 2010.

There will be a special board meeting Tuesday, November 20 at 7 p.m. in the middle school library. On Wednesday, November 28 the board will hold a public forum about the $7 million capital improvement project. The district plans to hold a vote on the project on December 12.

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