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Planning board wants more data on Price Chopper


CHATHAM – The village Planning Board again reviewed the site plans for the new Price Chopper building on Route 66 and once again did not deem the company’s application complete. Only three of the five members of board attended the regular meeting earlier this month and those members decided they needed to see more computer generated images of the size of the building before accepting the application and moving to a public hearing on the project.

Price Chopper representatives asked at the September 17 meeting to be placed on the October 15 meeting agenda to present more images that will clearly show the height of the 45,000 square foot building, the plantings they plan to have around the building in early growth stages, and what the building will look like in the winter.

A lawyer for Price Chopper, Peter Lynch, told board members, “I’m not interested in putting you in an uncomfortable situation” of having the board deem the application complete without all the drawings.

Another lawyer for the company, Mitchell Khosrova, asked whether the board generally waited to have everything in before moving to public hearing.

Board member Aaron Gaylord answered, “Not all plans are this big.”

Steven Duffy, vice president planning design for Price Chopper, said, “It took a significant effort to get this work done,” of the nine detailed computer images they presented to the board, but he said they were working on the other images the board had asked for and were willing to send them to board members before the next meeting.

The board also asked Price Chopper to reach out to Francis Greenberger, the owner of the land between the new building and the Chatham Plaza, which currently houses the Price Chopper supermarket, to see whether the company could build a connecting road between the new store and the plaza it will leave when the new store is complete.

Mr. Lynch told the board that after reaching out to the landowner, “We were not able to come to a meeting of the minds.”

The Planning Board found the application incomplete in July because there was some confusion over a local law the Village Board had adopted affecting commercial zoning on the stretch of Route 66 near the site of the proposed and existing markets. The Village Board later rescinded the zoning law, clearing the way for the Planning Board to consider the existing application.

The Price Chopper site plans have already been approved by the Ghent Planning Board, since much of the project is in the Town of Ghent, and Ghent officials have already conducted the required environmental review.

The plans must also be reviewed by the county Planning Board before Chatham can schedule a public hearing.

If the village Planning Board decides that the application is complete at its October meeting the board can then set a date for a public hearing and a vote on whether to move forward with the project.

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