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Good with figures? Village has an opening


CHATHAM – The village treasurer has resigned and will be leaving her post at the end of the month. The board discussed replacing her and also the resignation due to retirement of the village building inspector at the regular meeting August 9.

The board scheduled a special meeting for Wednesday, August 15 to meet with the accounting firm that helped set up their new bookkeeping software and to discuss the cost of the using that firm to perform the work normally done by the village treasurer.

Board members appointed Ann Marshall treasurer last December, after creating the new position. Until that point, the village had had a clerk/treasurer. Ms. Marshall was hired at a part-time hourly rate of $22.49 with no benefits. At that time, the board appointed Barbara Fischer clerk.

The board also hired the Hudson accounting firm Sickler, Torchia, Allen & Churchill to help train Ms. Marshall in the new Enhance Business Systems software, at the cost of approximately $1,000 a month.

Michael Torchia will be meeting with the board at the special meeting Wednesday to offer the company’s services to the village for $47,000 a year.

The board plans to advertise for the position and has already received one application for treasurer from someone who has consulted with the village and knew the position had become available.

The board also discussed hiring Delaware Engineering to draw up a plan for future village water system projects. Though Trustee Adrienne Morrell, who serves as village Water and Sewer Commissioner, did not say there was anything amiss with the water system currently, the board has discussed problems with leaks at the village water tower and reservoir.

Ms. Morrell told the board Tuesday night, “The idea of being surprised by anything is a disaster waiting to happen.” She said she had not spoken to Delaware Engineering about consulting fees, but other companies she has talked to have quoted prices around $5,000.

The board made no decision about hiring Delaware, which has worked with other local municipalities, including the Village of Valatie. Ms. Morrell said she is also researching the cost of outsourcing the billing for water.

Building Inspector Stanley Koloski, who works for the village part time, informed the board by letter that he is retiring, but he offered to continue in the job under a different arrangement.

Trustee Lael Locke said the board should either find someone immediately to replace Mr. Koloski or rehire him, saying, “There is a lot to be said for someone who knows the village property.”

She also worried that if the village hires the same person who works as the Town of Chatham inspector, there may be too much work for that one person to do. “I don’t want the village to take a back seat,” she said.

The board plans to post job description on the village website and at the village hall in the Tracy Memorial. Mayor Tom Curran will also reach out to other local municipalities to see about sharing inspectors.

The board also accepted the resignation of Wendy Carroll as head of the Beautification Committee. Ms. Carroll said she would continue maintaining the planted area around the fountain in the traffic circle.

Mayor Curran said he would contact Francis Iaconetti, the original Beautification Committee leader, about returning to his position while also looking for more volunteers.

Next meeting regular meeting of the board is scheduled for Thursday, September 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the Tracy Memorial.

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