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Town moves to restrict after-hours park use


KINDERHOOK–Neighbors of the town hall came out once again this week to complain to the Town Board about issues at the town park.

Residents addressed similar concerns to the board last June about suspicious and disruptive activities at the park on Church Street. This time, the residents who complained about the teenagers making noise in the park after dark, when the park is officially closed, got some answers from the board.

Town Supervisor Patrick Grattan said that he would talk to the village attorney about closing the park. “We have to close the park for a certain amount of time for people under a certain age,” he said at the meeting.

Also at the Monday, April 9 meeting, the board adopted a motion that calls for reducing the speed limit on Kinderhook Avenue and the other roads in the housing development in Niverville.

The speed limit was reduced from 30 miles per hour to 20 mph after town Highway Superintendent John Ruchel informally posted the lower limit following complaints he received from residents about people speeding through the development. But he was then told by the board to remove the signs down, since, as Deputy Supervisor Patsy Leader said, they were not legal. “All of a sudden they just appeared,” she said of the signs.

Supervisor Grattan said that the request in the motion for a reduced speed limit will go to county Highway Safety Board for review. Town Board member Deb Simonsmeier suggested that the residents who wished the speed limit reduced create a petition signed by neighbors who support for the motion.

The president of the Northern Columbia County Little League program attended the meeting and asked what would happen to the fields if the board moves its offices to the Martin H. Glynn School Building in Valatie. Mr. Grattan said the decision to move the town offices would not be made until after the little league season.

At its last meeting earlier this month the school board voted to place a proposition on the May school district ballot asking for voter approval to lease the now-vacated school building to the town and the Village of Valatie.

Mr. Grattan recognized Ichabod Crane School District students Natalie Cammarata and Karyn Johnson, who received the county Youth Bureau Leadership Award.

The new town website design will be introduced at next meeting Monday May 14 at 7 p.m. at the village hall.

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