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Spare time? Chatham needs help


CHATHAM – The Town Board is looking to fill a few vacancies at the town meeting in October. At the September 15 meeting, the board approved accepting applications for a sole town assessor and a member of the Zoning Implementation Committee. Board members also plan to start putting together a Conservation Advisory Council in November.

The board is going from a three-person panel of assessors to a sole appointed assessor. Applicants interested in the job must submit a resume and letter of interest to the Town Clerk’s Office, 488 Route 295 by 4 p.m. Friday, October 14. Supervisor Jesse DeGroodt said applicants will be interviewed before the October 20 meeting.

The board is also looking for applications for a Zoning Implementation Committee (ZIC) position. Chairman Jim Temple is resigning and the board plans to fill the vacancy on ZIC and appoint a new chair. Applicants for that position should also have their letter of interest and resumes to the clerk’s office on October 14. The person applying for the position may be appointed chairman, said Mr. DeGroodt. He said the Town Board will decide whether the new appointee or a seated member of the committee will become the chair.

Mr. DeGroodt told the board that in accordance with the town comprehensive plan, new zoning rules reviewed by ZIC must be adopted by the board by the end of February for full implementation by end of 2012.

The board is also looking to create a Conservation Advisory Council. According the a hand-out from the board about a Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) in Dutchess County, the council is “an advisory group whose primary function is to advice their municipalities on the management and protection of its natural resources.”

Mr. DeGroodt said he believes the board is conducting too many interviews before the October meeting and asked to push off accepting applications for interested CAC members to November.

There was considerable discussion at the meeting of issues arising from the rain spawned by Irene, and the board authorized the Highway Department to assist with flood cleanup in Greene County. “The county as a whole all reached out (to Greene),” said Highway Department Superintendent Joe Rickert. Mr. Rickert also talked about streams overflowing and cleanup in the town as well.

Next meeting will be Thursday October 20 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

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