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New sign bears old image


VALATIE–Drivers and pedestrians entering the village via the Route 203 Chatham Bridge are now welcomed by a new sign approximately 8 feet by 3 feet, bearing a reproduction of an 1881 map of Valatie.

   The sign is the brainchild of Abby Freinberg, owner of Rotate, a Valatie consignment store. V.E.R.A. (Valatie Economic Redevelopment Association), the village merchants organization, paid the $1,000 cost for the sign. Phillip Bickerton, a village trustee and member of V.E.R.A., built the posts and mounted it. He will soon be adding an 8-foot flower box underneath.

   The group hopes that the new sign will encourage local business growth and tourism. “The sign looks great and encompasses the positive spirit of Valatie,” said V.E.R.A. President Jenn Furey.

   Smaller signs will soon surround the large one and will promote individual Valatie businesses. The cost of a business sign is $125, with an additional yearly maintenance fee of $25. Businesses can obtain an application for a sign at Great Finds or Hair Zone on Main Street. 

    A rendering of the map can be found in Dominic Lizzi’s new book, Valatie: A Forgotten History. 

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