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State’s high court denies Cascino appeal


COPAKE—The state Court of Appeals has denied Salvatore Cascino’s request for permission pursue further appeals of the civil and criminal contempt rulings against him.

Mr. Cascino, a Copake scofflaw, sought permission from the the state highest court to again challenge Acting State Supreme Court Judge Jonathan Nichols’ temporary restraining order, which was upheld with minor modifications by a state appellate court last October.

Mr. Cascino, 73, a resident of Larchmont, owns 300 acres along the east side of Route 22, across from the southern entrance to the Copake hamlet. He calls the place Copake Valley Farm and for the past 16 years has racked up violations of federal, state and town laws there, for illegal dumping, building and excavating without getting proper permits.

For several months now, Mr. Cascino has defied a stop work order issued by Town Building Inspector Edward Ferratto to cease construction on a farm stand on Route 22. Neighbors came to the January Town Board meeting to complain about Mr. Cascino’s continued dumping of unknown material on the property in violation of Town Code and reported activity on the property in the wee morning hours.

The Town Attorney on Cascino matters, Victor Meyers, told The Columbia Paper this week that he is filing another contempt of court action against Mr. Cascino.




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