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Ancram picks new bank and animal control officer


ANCRAM–The Town Board switched its official depository and its animal control officer at its annual organization meeting January 6.

The depository was previously the Kinderhook Bank and is now the Bank of Greene County. The animal control officer was previously Gary Deitch and is now Wes Powell.

Those were the primary changes in the board’s annual list of appointments and designations.

The board resolved the following:

*That the town continue current arrangements with attorneys Jason Shaw (Whiteman Osterman & Hanna), Warren Replansky (Replansky LLC) and John Lyons (Grant Lyons) to provide legal services for 2011. Services will be provided as requested by the Town Board at agreed on hourly rates; further resolved that the Planning and  Zoning Boards and the Zoning Revisions Committee may use these designated attorneys or retain legal counsel of their choice subject to the prior approval of the Town Board.

*Accept the proposal of the Kleeber Agency to provide property and liability insurance coverage for the town beginning January 4, 2011 for a total premium not to exceed $19,500.

*Accept the proposal from the Community Rescue Squad to provide ambulance services to the town during 2011 for an annual fee not to exceed $84,000, subject to entering into a satisfactory letter agreement to this effect.

*Appointed and designated the following: Budget Officer Art Bassin; Deputy Town Supervisor Jim Mille; Town Attorneys Jason Shaw, Warren Replansky, John Lyons; Town Historian Clara VanTassel; Town Hall Building Manager George Wittlinger; Town Assessor Ken Leggett (appointed through May 2013); Assessor’s clerk Mary Boice; Building Inspector/Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer Ed Ferratto; Deputy Building Inspector/ZEO/CEO Bill Hunt; Clerk for Building Inspector/ ZEO/CEO Marie McDermott; Animal Control Officer Wes Powell; Emergency Preparedness Plan Coordinator to be determined; Registrar of Vital Statistics and Records Management Officer Monica Cleveland; Deputy Town Clerk and Town Court Clerk Ruth Wittlinger; Deputy Court Clerk Colleen Lutz; Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals Clerk Samantha Langton; Deputy Tax Collector Amanda Bishop.

*Also, designated the following: Official Town Bank/Depository Bank of Greene County; Town Justices Depository Key Bank; Town Clerk Depository First Niagara; Town Tax collector Depository Bank of Greene County; official newspapers The Columbia Paper and the Register-Star; Official Dog Kennel Columbia-Greene Humane Society; Representative to the Advisory Council to the Office of the Aging Madeleine Israel, Alternate Adrienne Citrin; Representative to the Columbia County Traffic Safety Board Libby McKee; Representative to the County Environmental Management Council Jamie Purinton; Official Polling Places District #1: Ancram Town Hall, District #2 Ancramdale Presbyterian Church Hall.

Frequency of compensation of town officials, employees and services:

Quarterly–Town Board, Town Supervisor, Town Justices and Town Hall Building Manager; Monthly–Animal Control Officer, Assessor, ZEO/CEO, Deputy ZEO/CEO, Town Clerk, Planning and Zoning Board Clerks, Assessor’s Clerk, Court Clerks, Tax Collectors, Town Attorneys, Town Hall Cleaning Service; Bi-weekly–Highway Department Personnel ; Weekly–Summer life guards.

Authorizations, policies and procedures:

*Authorizing the highway superintendent to spend up to $3,000 for a single expenditure without prior Town Board approval.

*Setting mileage reimbursement for town officials performing their duties on official town business at the IRS rate per mile.

*Accepting all county and state bids that will apply to the Town of Ancram, including but not limited to regular gasoline, propane, heating oil, diesel fuel, stone, road oil, tires and culvert pipe.

*Salaries set for elected and appointed officials and employees for the year 2011 will be in accordance with the 2011 budget.

*Designating the official meeting of the Ancram Town Board as the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Ancram Town Hall, 1416 County Route 7, with Saturday meetings to be scheduled at discretion of the Board.

*Salaries for appointed clerks to be recommended by department heads and approved by the Town Board.

*Authorizing the town clerk to advertise for, accept and open all bids presented before this board, with such bids in sealed envelopes, marked “sealed bids.”

*Authorizing the town clerk to purchase all necessary supplies, stationery and dockets not to exceed budgeted amounts included in the 2011 budget for such purchases.

*Authorizing the deputy town supervisor to sign checks without having them countersigned.

*All conferences and training that will be attended by any town official and paid for by the town in excess of $100 must be approved by the Town Board. Training and conferences that will be attended by the town supervisor and Town Board members and paid for by the Town of Ancram in excess of $200 must be approved by the Town Board.

Appointments, reappointments and reaffirmations of members and chairs of previously established committees and boards: Cell Tower Committee Bob Roth chair; Youth Commission Ruth Wittlinger commissioner, Robert Wilcox, Colleen Lutz secretary/treasurer, Monica Cleveland, Alyson Kozlowski, Janice Miller and Dale Boyles; Zoning Board of Appeals (5-year terms expiring 12/31 of year listed) Sheldon Waldorf 2015, Susan Bassin 2011, Alyson Kozlowski 2012, Fred Schneeberger 2013, Leah Wilcox 2014 chair, William Lutz alternate; Board of Assessment Review (5-year terms expiring 12/31 of year listed) Robert Roth 2015, New member 2014 TBD, Larry Berg 2011, Robert Podris 2012,Thomas Gumm 2013; Planning Board (7 year terms expiring 12/31 of the year listed) Joe Crocco 2017, John Ingram 2013, Erin Robertson 2015 alternate, Jamie Purinton 2011, James Stickle 2012, Dennis Sigler 2014, Terry Boyles 2015, Colleen Lutz 2016 chair; Ancram Community Days Committee Jim Miller chair, George Wittlinger, Monica Cleveland, Jane Shannon, Madeleine Israel, David Boice, Clara Van Tassel, Melissa Sorman, Adrienne Citrin, Ruth Wittlinger; Ethics Board (5 year terms ending 12/31 of the year indicated) Jack Lindsey 2011 chair, Bonnie Hundt 2014, Ron Brant 2012, Richard Wheeler 2015, Linda Pulver 2013.

Also: Zoning Revisions Committee Hugh Clark chair, Dennis Sigler, Jim Miller, Bonnie Hundt, Bob Roche, Barbara Gaba, Bob Mayhew, Terry Boyles, Kyle Lougheed, Jane Shannon, Don MacLean, Barry Chase; Agriculture and Farmland Protection Planning Committee Art Bassin chair, Barry Chase, Marnie MacLean, Dennis Sigler, Jerry Peele, Sue Bassin, Larry Lampman; Agricultural Advisory Council, Barry Chase, Marnie MacLean, Sue Bassin, Larry Lampman, Dennis Sigler, Jerry Peele; Revaluation Review Committee, Chris Thomas chair, Ken Leggett, Mary Faith Boice, Larry Berg, Ron Brant, Steve Roberts, Art Bassin; Garage Construction Committee, Emile Racenet chair, George Wittlinger, Jim Miller, Art Bassin, Ron Brant, Mike Citrin, Jim MacArthur, Will Lutz; Conservation Advisory Council, Jamie Purinton chair, Choral Eddie, Colleen Lutz, Joe Hoyt, David Dembo, Erin Robertson, Andrea Barnet, Samantha Langton; Financial Advisory Committee, Art Bassin chair, Mike Citrin, Philip Dejan, Larry Berg, Tanya Hills; Communications Committee Madeleine Israel chair, Jane Shannon, Sue Bassin, Mary Murfitt, B. Docktor.

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