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Ancram puts on a coat to celebrate spring


ANCRAM–Some people in Ancram are working on their own version of “painting the town red”; they are painting Town Hall white.

Under the guidance of local painting contractor Jane Moore a volunteer crew power washed the building with a bleach solution to get rid of the mildew April 1 and began applying a coat of primer April 3. They were back on the job April 7, when a supply of the solid flat white acrylic stain arrived.

What to do about the exterior of the Town Hall, which needed replacement for some of the trim and the board and batten siding in addition to paint, became a source of controversy last November.

The Town Board at the time decided to replace the board siding with vinyl. But that generated a public outcry and a petition signed by almost 150 residents against the vinyl siding. Critics faulted the plan for environmental and aesthetic reasons, not to mention that the board did not follow the proper legal procedures in its haste to move forward.

The old board finally dropped the quest for vinyl late last year after a majority of members lost their seats in the November election.

Now with the arrival of warm spring weather and a new majority of Town Board members having a preference for paint, Ms. Moore has marshaled local painting forces to get the job done.

She told The Columbia Paper last week that she has a list of 25 volunteers to call upon, and she estimates it will take no more than a couple of days to apply the necessary two coats of paint.

Asked why she volunteered to head up the effort, Ms. Moore said, “It’s something I can do, I don’t have money, but I have energy, equipment and I love the work.”

She purchased the stain from Herrington’s and is “throwing in” the 10% discount she gets on the price as a contractor.

Residents who are unable to volunteer but want to support the effort are making monetary contributions to defray the cost of the paint.

Ms. Moore estimates the new paint will protect the town structure between five and seven years.

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