G’port must repair Mt. Merino Road… again


GREENPORT–Repair work on Mount Merino Road that took several months this spring and summer was undone in minutes by tropical storm Irene, and now the town has to do it all over again.

At its meeting Wednesday, October 5, the Town Board approved an emergency resolution allowing it to sign a contract up to $49,805, without competitive bidding, to repair the road.

The hope is that the Federal Emergency Management Agency will pay for the work.

Town Attorney Sonia VanBortel explained that the town can back out of the deal with the yet-to-be-selected contractor, if FEMA won’t pay.

Then the town will have to find other sources of funds for the repairs.

Supervisor Edward Nabozny said having the contract in place will speed up the FEMA review process.

The repairs should be done quickly, Supervisor Nabozny told The Columbia Paper after the meeting. Asked whether Mount Merino Road will be closed, he said, “Only for a very short time, if it’s closed at all.”

Also at the meeting, Lee Stone urged the board to bring the Town Hall into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act by placing a ramp at the front of the building. He remarked that while using a walker last winter, he tried to enter by the courtroom doors but found them locked.

“We don’t feel comfortable leaving those doors open during the day,” said one Town Hall staffer later, referring to the court doors, which are more accessible to people with handicaps. “We can’t see who comes in.”

Planning Board Chairman Don Alger reported to the Town Board that Mrs. Michael Torchia will open a personal fitness training center at 147 Joslen Boulevard, just south of the three-way intersection by Hudson High School. No site plan review was deemed necessary.

Mr. Alger also reported that Vincent Concra has bought a 2.2-acre parcel at 363 Fairview Avenue, behind the Hess gas station, for his used vehicle business, which is now located on Healy Boulevard. He will also use the site for his property appraisal businesses. He told the Planning Board he will replace the roof on an existing residential property, and add a handicapped ramp and accessible bathroom. Mr. Concra does not expect to have more than five used vehicles on the property at any one time.

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