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Athletes help super win track and field funds


HUDSON–Enhancements to the planned high school running track have come closer to reality, thanks to a Galvan Foundation grant and two high school athletes, schools Superintendent Maria L. Suttmeier said at the October 24 Hudson City School District Board of Education meeting.

The meeting also saw the board amend the district’s mission statement, among other matters.

High School star athletes Mike Alert and Noah Taylor received credit for helping the district obtain necessary funds for new athletic fields. The District’s Capital Project includes giving the High School a basic track, but athletes, coaches, and other community members expected additional features, including eight lanes all the way around (instead of six in some portions), a steeplechase, facilities that would allow the school to host Patroon Conference events and—for the benefit of many sports—a scoreboard.

These enhancements raise the cost of the district’s Capital Project by $220,000 over the limit voters approved, Dr. Suttmeier reported. She applied to grants from various sources, including the Galvan Foundation. which has its headquarters in and its focus on Hudson.

The Galvan application process included a meeting with foundation benefactor T. Eric Galloway for an hour and Dr. Suttmeier brought Mike and Noah along with her. The two athletes presented the case for funding with impressive professionalism and clarity, Dr. Suttmeier reported. At the conclusion, Mr. Galloway promised to give the district $200,000, with $100,000 payable upon approval of the plans by the State, $50,000 when construction reaches a certain benchmark, and $50,000 upon completion.

The district needs to raise only $20,000 more to complete the project.

After the meeting Mike played in a Hudson High School football game and scored two touchdowns. But Dr. Suttmeier said at the meeting last month that as far as she was concerned he had already scored a big touchdown for the district before the game began.

Also at the October 24 meeting Dr. Suttmeier proposed adding a clause to the district’s mission statement, and the Board quickly approved it unanimously, with no discussion. The new mission statement reads:

“The Hudson City School District, in partnership with our community, advances the intellectual, social, and emotional development of all students to prepare them for college, career, and citizenship.” The only change is the addition of the words “in partnership with our community,” which Dr. Suttmeier requested, saying, “we can’t do it alone” and need to partner with the community.

In other business:

• Mohammed Hassan, known as Kamrul, attended the meeting for the first time as student representative for 2016-17. As senior and president of the Student Council at Hudson High School, he said his academic interests lean toward science and history. He has applied to colleges, where he is considering studying science and mechanical and civil engineering. In addition, he plays interscholastic soccer, volleyball and tennis

• The Board announced the retirement of district Treasurer and Tax Collector Florence Stickles, effective January 17, 2017. It recognized her 28 years of service to the district. Ms. Stickles attended the meeting and received special thanks from individual Board members and Business Executive Sharifa Carbon

• Dr. Suttmeier updated the Board on the addition planned for the Montgomery C. Smith Building, currently the “Intermediate School” for 3rd through 5th grades. The addition would house pre-school through 1st grade. On the land for the addition, 18 tests revealed no “archeological items,” so construction now has a green light, said Dr. Suttmeier. She showed the board a rendering of the new addition’s latest design, which takes into account both “how can it be in harmony with the existing building” and finances

• The Board approved a field trip for the high school football team to attend the New York Jets’ Sports Business Day at the team’s stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Dr. Suttmeier said it will be a great opportunity for the young players.

The next Board of Education meeting will be Monday, November 7, at the Montgomery C. Smith building library. It will open with a 6 p.m. curriculum workshop; the regular meeting starts at 7 p.m.

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