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Agan sentenced to 187 years for murder and sex crimes


HUDSON—“You are getting what you deserve,” Judge Richard Koweek told David T. Agan, Jr., at his sentencing in Columbia County Court the morning of February 15.

Mr. Agan, 44, faces 187½ years to life in state prison for the brutal murder of his estranged wife, Christina M. Agan, and repeated rape, incest and other sex crimes committed against his daughter.

Ms. Agan, was 37 years old when Mr. Agan viciously attacked her with a flathead screwdriver, stabbing her at least 35 times in the vestibule of the Valatie Medical Arts Building, 1301 River Street in the village, December 10, 2015 shortly before 2 p.m. She bled to death.

He was convicted by jury on all charges in a 136-count indictment, January 26 following a three-week trial. Besides, first degree murder, a class A-1 felony, he was found guilty on 15 counts of third degree rape, 92 counts of third degree incest and 28 counts of third degree criminal sex act, all class E felonies. The guilty verdict on the murder one charge means the jury determined Mr. Agan intentionally killed his wife because she witnessed a crime he committed and his motive was to prevent her from testifying against him. The prior crime was the sexual relationship he had with his teenage daughter.

Judge Koweek sentenced Mr. Agan to 25 years to life, an indeterminate term, on the murder one charge; 2 to 4 years determinate, with 10 years post-release supervision on each rape charge; 1 1/3 to 4 years indeterminate term on each incest charge; and 4 years plus 10 years post-release supervision on each criminal sex act charge.

The total sentence amounts to 187½ years to life, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Judge Koweek also sentenced Mr. Agan to pay a $1,425 surcharge and DNA fee and told him “If you ever see the light of day again, you have to register as a sex offender.” The judge also issued court orders of protection for the families of both Mr. and Ms. Agan.

Victims of Mr. Agan’s crimes, Ms. Agan’s mother, Jo-Ellen Rooney and Mr. Agan’s daughter, gave emotion-filled statements prior to sentencing.

“We can never get our sister back, but knowing he will never see the light of day again or do us further harm is satisfactory,” Tracey Boehme told The Columbia Paper before leaving the courtroom, Thursday. Ms. Boehme is one of Ms. Agan’s three siblings, who also include a sister, Megan Downey and a brother, Edward McDonald.

A complete account of the sentencing will appear in the next issue of The Columbia Paper, February 22.

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