New York State Department of Environmental Conservation


Notice of Complete Application

Date: 02/18/2022

Applicant:  HOLCIM (US) INC

8700 W Bryn Mawr Ave Ste 300

Chicago, IL 60631


1916 US RTE 9W

RAVENA, NY 12143

Application ID:  4-0124-00001/00073

Permits(s) Applied for: 1 – Article 23 Title 27 Mined Land Reclamation

Project is located: in COEYMANS in ALBANY COUNTY

Project Description:

LafargeHolcim has applied for a Mined Land permit renewal and is proposing to modify the currently approved Reclamation Plan by altering the reclamation grading and objective for the 12-acre “life-of-mine” (LOM) area. The LOM area is located directly east of US Route 9W and adjacent to the main plant’s north entrance road and consists of soil and rock stockpiles. Soil stockpiles originated from construction of the new cement plant and crusher fines (rock) piles originated from the production of aggregate at the mine. The current reclamation objective for the LOM area consists of grading the area flat, covering it with six (6) inches of crushed stone and allowing it to be used for parking and/or storage. The new goal is to eliminate this area’s existing stockpiled materials, grade it flat, add six (6) inches of topsoil and return the area to natural meadow vegetation.

Availability of Application Documents:

Filed application documents, and Department draft permits where applicable, are available for inspection during normal business hours at the address of the contact person.  To ensure timely service at the time of inspection, it is recommended that an appointment be made with the contact person.

State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Determination:

Project is an Unlisted Action and will not have a significant impact on the environment.  A Negative Declaration is on file.  A coordinated review was not performed.

SEQR Lead Agency: None Designated

State Historic Preservation Act (SHPA) Determination:

The proposed activity is not subject to review in accordance with SHPA.  The application type is exempt and/or the project involves the continuation of an existing operational activity.

DEC Commissioner Policy 29, Environmental Justice and Permitting (CP-29):

It has been determined that the proposed action is not subject to CP-29.

Availability For Public Comment:

Comments on this project must be submitted in writing to the Contact Person no later than 04/01/2022 or 30 days after the publication date of this notice, whichever is later.

Contact Person



1130 N Westcott Rd

Schenectady, NY 12306

(518) 357-2069

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