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Letter to the Editor: School budget too high


To the Editor:

Let’s take a look at cost per student to go to public school.  

The national average is $14,500. Greenville school district is proposing a budget which is about $29,300 per a student. Why??? Why is it over double the national average? 

The rest of the country has teachers’ unions where the teachers receive fair pay and benefits.  How is it that it costs over double to do that here?? Somebody is making a lot of money!

Where did all the money saved from the school being closed for half a year two years ago end up anyways?

Take the budget of $33,697,442 / 1,151 students = $29,276.67 per student. Now divide that by the 180 days in school and it’s $162.65 per a day to send your kid to school. Multiply that by five days in a week and it’s $813.24 per a week.

Does that sound extremely expensive to anyone else? Meanwhile, Utah can teach the children for $7,500 per student! Who is getting paid all this money? And for what?  

Please visit the website for the national map of a state by state breakdown and more information.

Thank you.

Pat Kosorek


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