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Challenges reveal totalitarian mindset


To the Editor:

Have I missed my deadline? Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just coming out of a shock induced by people who are my neighbors. Foolish me, I thought even though we may be on different sides politically, we look out for one another. I see you by the side of the road, I stop and pick you up and use my cell phone to call a tow truck. I see you have a tree on your roof I call for help if you’re not home. You limp into the town hall to vote with a bad leg, I let you go ahead of me if there’s a line. Like that.

In one million years, limited to that because I cannot conceive of more, there’s no possibility in my mind that you would use some kind of cheap political trick, aka loophole in the law, to take my right to vote away from me. This is not Zimbabwe or Mexico or Russia, where vote thievery is a way of life.

Are there people amongst us who would like it to be a repressed society controlled by a few? There are. Why? Do individuals who are supposed to represent all their constituents like be dragged along on this dangerous mission? Why is that? Because they have no spine? Because they weren’t taught to behave ethically even when it was hard? Because they think it’s funny and that they are clever? (Clever they are not. They questioned my spouse, who often votes Republican. He wrote to them and said, “Are you kidding? I voted for Ike!”) Because they don’t believe in anything at all except what’s presumably good for them personally? Choose one from column A and one from column B. Forget it, choose them all.

Politics in New York state is vile. Groups and individuals who try to silence opposite points of view are nothing less than totalitarianistas at heart. Period. It’s time to turn the compost and let the worms at it. Warning: Don’t ever try to take my voice away from me again.

Kate McLeod


(The writer’s vote was one of many questioned following the November 3 election.–Ed)

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