Let the ‘Good News’ roll


By Melanie Lekocevic

Capital Region Independent Media

RAVENA-COEYMANS-SELKIRK — The world is full of bad news these days — high inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, mass shootings, hate crimes, a global pandemic, even monkeypox outbreaks.

Take a look at most news outlets and you’ll see a never-ending stream of bad news.

The Ravena News-Herald wants to change that.

The newspaper is launching a “Good News” initiative, and we are hoping our readers will help out.

“There’s plenty of good news out there and we want to shine a light on it,” said Warren Dews Jr., publisher and vice president of Capital Region Independent Media, which publishes the Ravena News-Herald. “In addition to our regular, day-to-day news cycle, we want to hear about the good things happening in the communities we cover — and there’s plenty of it.”

The newspaper is looking to share all kinds of good news stories, from acts of kindness among neighbors or strangers, to charitable good works, businesses that are helping their community, fundraising efforts to support local nonprofit organizations, and more.

“Everyone knows the old adage about a cat stuck up in a tree and the firefighters who climb the tree to rescue it. But you never hear about that in the mainstream media — we want to hear about it,” Dews said.

The News-Herald will, of course, continue to cover issues of importance in the communities we serve, but we will be making a special outreach effort to identify positive, uplifting stories to share the good things people in our communities are doing.

Do you know of someone who helped an elderly neighbor through a rough patch, or tutors a struggling child in their spare time, or launched a community garden to grow food for a local food pantry?

Maybe it’s a library program that reaches out to underserved populations, or a program that helps low-income families feed their kids when school is out. Community beautification programs, educational activities, or just giving a helping hand to someone who needs it.

All of them, and more, qualify for our new “Good News” segment.

There are an untold number of good things happening in the local area and we want to know about it and share these stories of hope, compassion and generosity.

If you know of a “Good News” story, please reach out and let us know about it. Please submit your story idea to ravenanewsroom@gmail.com, include your name and contact information, and someone from our staff will get in touch with you.

This is an ongoing campaign, so let’s work together to make the “Good News” roll.

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