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Body, Mind & Spirig: Focusing on wellness: Acceptance, compassion and hope


By Pat Larsen

For Capital Region Independent Media

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That title might sound a bit of an overstatement of the obvious.

Of course everyone wants to be well. But focusing on that concept definitely takes a bit more energy when you really are feeling lousy from an illness, surgery or injury. 

So what does it take to find that inner strength and desire to get well?

Let’s start with making peace with your present condition. Sometimes we can actually get in the way of our own healing because of frustration and anger we allow to seep through because we are not well. Kind of like that inner child stomping their feet in an attempt to get attention. In this case, the attention falls on the patient’s inability to rise above pain.

Holding that  unpleasant energy within our hearts and minds builds a wall to what the body is trying very hard to do, to help you to heal.

Acceptance of your circumstances can go a long way in terms of releasing the tension you hold within the body while you’re experiencing the illness. Search now for the tension you might be holding in your muscles and release it as your first step on the way to creating your own healing pathway.

It’s within this framework that you will find that your body very much helps you to restore your balance. It’s that extra bit of help that we need and no prescription needed other than self-love and true acceptance will start this process off.

It’s also very much about coming to terms with an illness, a surgery or accidental injury. Our body is equipped to easily focus on this concept of acceptance IF we get out of the way emotionally.

Focusing on acceptance is a means of being kind to that friend within allowing that all-knowing self to be as kind to you as you would to a friend you were giving comfort to.

Compassion is the next important principle in this concept of learning to release to  achieve recovery. This concept includes compassion for yourself, those who might be caring for you and people around you in general. Examine, first and foremost, possibly laying blame on these circumstances. Rather, consider remaining a witness to your illness.

Sometimes,  remain  removed by staying on the sidelines, as though looking through a window at the issues in a kinder, gentler way through the veil of compassion.

This can apply to any number of circumstances. I’m taking a very broad view of what you might be experiencing right now. I compassionately ask you to do the same. Perhaps, your intention for considering this column today is to offer help to someone you love. Veils are a safe place to observe from and to gain insight.

Begin to combine basking in the gentleness of ACCEPTANCE and COMPASSION, recognizing that healing starts from the inside out. Slowly. 

Finally, one more thing to consider… HOPE. Thismight be thought of as an afterthought or possibly irrelevant. But hope is definitely part of the big picture and the invisible force that will push us or those we might be caring for, forward. That momentum with a faith based “knowing” combines with acceptance and compassion to lead us to the recovery we seek by warding off resentment and opening the doorway to healing.

Pat Larsen RDH, CHT, is a  nationally certified clinical hypnotherapist who works within her client’s individual stories to uncover their full potential for healing. Sessions are by appointment. Pat also teaches educational programs and fitness to Baby Boomers and seniors at The Shamrock House mornings in East Durham. Contact Pat at 518-275-8686.

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