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Body, Mind & Spirit: The seasons of our lives


By Pat Larsen

For Capital Region Independent Media

Headshot of a female named Pat Larsen
Pat Larsen

To  summarize my thoughts, simply, I’m finding that seasons seem to come quicker, years add up faster and birthdays start to pile up the older I get. But, just maybe, it’s a matter of re-framing my thoughts about the passage of time.

I’ve taken note as of late how my  teenaged grandkids react to the seasons and I realized there’s definitely a more relaxed, one day at a time, attitude toward all of the above. 

While I’m very much enjoying the warm days and firefly displays at night this summer, my thoughts seem to be focused on what is coming this fall. No particular reason, either. Just fast forwarding for no apparent reason.

Why do seniors (of which I’m one) feel that we have to arrive earlier to everything? There might be clues in that statement. I’ll explore further.

The focus on Christmas in July sales might have something to do with the internal shift I’m feeling. The question comes up, “Should I start shopping now for the holidays?” Or am I just being manipulated by the online shopping venues anxious to get rid of last year’s stock? 

I’m sure part of my internal dialogue and focus is on advancing toward the seasonal changes inherent in wanting to get “everything done” because it seems to take so much longer to accomplish things. But is that true? Or is it a fabrication of the aging mindset?  

This definitely warrants more thought also. 

I’m working harder to slow myself down to really enjoy this year. I’m watching for the hatching of the robins from the nest right outside my porch, knowing that soon the fledglings will be making themselves known. The hummingbirds are  also hard at work as well enjoying the nectar of the flowers all around, and I realized I  am a part of their nurturing by watering the flowers that provide them with that food. 

I like feeling like I’m a small part of the natural order of the world during the summer months, along with Mother Nature’s inherent  timing. She’s not rushing, so why am I? 

Speaking of which, we have had the privilege of seeing how Mother Nature takes care of itself without any help from us. I’ve heard this is not an uncommon occurrence when a deer is injured and yet survives only to adapt quite wonderfully, even if only with the use of three, not four, legs. She — yes, we personified her by naming her Ginger — became a metaphor for adaptability and perseverance as she was able to get through a rough winter last year and then much to our amazement even gave birth to the sweetest of fawns as well this spring.   

The seasons of our life and the life all around us continues to teach such valuable lessons.

Birthdays do seem to be less kind, though. I can recall being in my early 60s then poof, snap here I am a newly hatched 70-year-old, unable to grasp how the time passed so quickly. But maybe, that’s the lesson in itself. Slow down, smell the proverbial roses, enjoy each and every day and remind myself that each of my days is filled with a candle lit  and awaiting a “wish” to focus on. 

Even if it’s putting a candle in a piece of toast, I intend to carry on in just this way. Celebrating the day and making a wish for the dreams to come.

The seasons of our lives are numbered, indeed. But we’re here now and that gift needs to be embraced.

Pat Larsen is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, specializing in elder care and the power of healing within one’s own story. Contact Pat at 518-275-8686.

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