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Superintendent’s Message: A new school year


By Michael Bennett

For Capital Region Independent Media

Michael Bennett

Dear Greenville Families,

I’d like to officially welcome everyone back for another exciting year. Experience can be an excellent teacher and having experienced a full school year here at Greenville I feel more prepared than ever for the year ahead. 

My goal this year is to encourage and give our teachers the tools necessary to educate the whole child. What does this mean? As a school community, it’s important to recognize that not every student will take the same path in life. Some students will take the “traditional” route and head off to college in the fall, others might take a gap year. Some students will skip college and go straight into the workforce before the summer is over, and a few may even bravely enlist in our armed forces. It’s our job as educators to ensure our students are more than academically ready for life. 

Every student has a talent, a skill that can shape their future. It’s my goal to make sure we help students discover their unique talents and help propel them toward and prepare them for the future of their choice. From my time as a teacher, I learned quickly that different students will have different needs. Some may need academic support, others may need some extra encouragement.

Gone are the days when school was just about learning academic subjects. Today, through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) we aim to ensure students are academically, socially and emotionally prepared for their individual futures. 

By continuing to encourage our faculty and staff to build connections with students, we can better assess those needs and prepare them for later in life.

I look forward to taking what I’ve learned over the last 18 months to make this school year a great one. 

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