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Sports: Spartans fall to RCS after late-game slide


By Melanie Lekocevic

Capital Region Independent Media

Greenville’s Nicholas West takes a shot from downtown in the Spartans’ game against the RCS Indians. Melanie Lekocevic/Capital Region Independent Media

RAVENA-COEYMANS-SELKIRK — The game was close the first half in the Spartans’ matchup against the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Indians, but that would change late in the contest.

The RCS boys’ varsity basketball team hosted the Spartans on Jan. 25 and would take a victory with a final score of 54-45, but the outcome was far from clear the first three quarters.

With the Indians up 4-2 in the opening moments of the game, RCS’s Eddie Reville stole a pass by Spartans’ Jack Motta and passed the ball downcourt to Jack McFerran, who drove to the basket and scored a two-pointer, giving the Indians an early 6-2 lead.

By the end of the first period, the two teams would be all tied up at 12.

The Spartans got off to a hot start at the top of the second quarter, with Motta breaking the tie on a two-pointer with 6:30 to go in the second and was fouled on the play. Motta made the free throw, giving the Spartans a 15-12 lead.

Spartan Nicholas West hit a three-pointer moments later to bring the score to 18-12, with the Indians failing to score since the first period. Timeout was called.

The hometown squad would make its first score of the quarter on a three-pointer by Reville with 4:50 to go in the half, bringing the Indians to within three, with the Spartans up 18-15.

Timeout was called with 4:00 to go in the half.

Coming out of the timeout, the Indians took possession and drove the ball downcourt, but the Spartans’ West stole the ball to take over. The Spartans failed to take advantage and the Indians reclaimed possession.

Ryan Southworth on the Indians would break the stalemate, scoring from under the basket with 2:10 to go in the half to bring the Indians to within one point.

The Indians’ Jack McFerran scored a two-pointer with just under a minute to go in the quarter, giving the Indians their first lead in the second period, edging the Spartans 19-18.

But with four seconds left in the half, Motta would drop in a two-pointer to give Greenville the lead once again at Spartans 20, Indians 19. Reville made a shot at the halftime buzzer but missed, sending the Spartans into the locker room up by one.

Greenville’s Motta made the first score of the second half, a two-pointer with 7:20 left in the third to bring the score to Spartans 22, Indians 19.

RCS’s Jayden McClellan returned the favor seconds later, scoring a two-pointer to bring the Indians to within one. The Indians took the lead on a Southworth two-pointer under the basket.

McFerran extended the Indians’ lead to 25-22, and then Reville hit a three-pointer from downtown to give the hometown team a 28-22 lead.

The Indians began pulling away on a pair of three-pointers by Wyatt Algozzine and Reville. By the top of the final stanza, the Spartans were down 43-31 before McClellan stole the ball, drove it down court to widen the Indians’ edge to 45-31.

The Indians never looked back, ending the game at Indians 54, Spartans 45.

Jack Motta was the top scorer for the Spartans on the day with 25 points, Coach Dane Carpenter said.

The Spartans hit 50% of their free throws in the game, and took advantage of Indians’ turnovers, scoring 20 points. The team had 13 steals, 19 turnovers and 13 personal fouls.

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