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National Bank of Coxsackie donates $1,000 to Freehold Fire

The National Bank of Coxsackie donated $1,000 to the Freehold Volunteer Fire Co. to improve their service vehicles. Contributed photo

COXSACKIEThe National Bank of Coxsackie has partnered with the Freehold Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. and donated $1,000 to improve their fleet of service vehicles.

Organized in 1945, the Freehold Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. protects the hamlet of Freehold located within the town of Greenville. Chief Jim DiPerna and other volunteers respond to structural, vehicle and wildland fires, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous condition/material calls, good intent/false alarms, rescue and service calls.

The conclusion of a recent risk/benefit analysis conducted on the company’s firefighting activities indicated they needed to update their fleet of apparatus to provide better traffic control/highway safety for emergency scenes and improve off-road firefighting capabilities.

DiPerna said he is grateful for the donation and the improvements they can make.

“Like most things do over time, our fire district is changing,” DiPerna said. “The recent addition of a 32-acre solar farm located on Route 32 and increased road traffic has indicated to the fire department that we needed to update our fleet of apparatus to improve off-road firefighting capabilities and provide better traffic control/highway safety for emergency scenes. Donations such as this from The National Bank of Coxsackie will allow us to purchase a crew cab pickup with service body and firefighting skid unit without putting any additional burden on our taxpayers.”

Greenville Branch Manager Robin Frechette is glad to help, saying: “Being heavily involved in what goes on in and around Greenville, including Freehold, I appreciate working for an employer like National Bank of Coxsackie who continues to focus on the local communities and their needs.”

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