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Hallway Walk a hit

A pair of students during the annual Hallway Walk at Scott M. Ellis Elementary School. Contributed photo

GREENVILLE — The halls of Scott M. Ellis Elementary School echoed with excitement as young Spartans from kindergarten to fifth grade embarked on an interactive scavenger hunt that brought students and families together to get reacquainted with the halls last week.

The Hallway Walk, a long-standing tradition at Greenville, is a hit among students and families every year, with this year being no exception.

This year, students searched around the building for common “landmarks” like the nurse’s office and the cafeteria. At each familiar landmark, students collected a puzzle piece.

The Hallway Walk, held last week, enables children to become reacquainted with the school after having the summer off. Contributed photo

By the end of the scavenger hunt, students put all their puzzle pieces together to reveal a Spartan-themed back to school puzzle!

Students left with their very own Spartan coloring sheets to enjoy at home.

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