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Body, Mind & Spirit Connections: Crumbs


By Pat Larsen

For Capital Region Independent Media

Headshot of a female named Pat Larsen
Pat Larsen

My mind is on one metaphorical track at the moment. Obviously yours is too because you’re curious enough to just keep reading. 

Think about this.

Crumbs make up many connections to things all around us. The crumbs left behind on the dining room table from dinner last evening. The cutting board contains the remnants from our lunch sandwich from a day or so  ago.

A walk in the park shows us evidence of a half-eaten apple that didn’t make it to the trash bin. Perhaps a trail of popcorn can be seen on the movie theater floor. 

I began seeing these “connections” to crumbs recently as a collection of incomplete thoughts. A disruption of an activity that distracted us from completing a task. Being too busy to focus on finishing what we began. Then THAT led me to the light bulb moment of needing to realize that we needed to slow down and re-frame what we were doing. At least, I did.

Crumbs began showing up suddenly, everywhere, then, 

In my life, Ms. Neat Freak, the always tidy house person. Or was I?

I got in the car the other day and there, at my feet, were crumbs on the carpet, in the seats, in the door handle pockets.

Then I saw that crumbs took on a new meaning from gum wrappers, M&M packages, and empty Peep boxes from Easter.

Crumbs were my norm, not my exception.

So what, then, were crumbs representing, in truth?

Humanness. A life that was busier than I was even giving myself credit for being on an everyday level. Causing me to look at myself through the window of compassion and with an element of understanding and imperfection. I suddenly saw that perfection was not desirable if it meant that crumbs were to be a part of it and just let me be imperfect in as many ways as I choose to be.

I’m OK with crumbs now. Maybe. Just maybe I’ll slow down a bit more and if wiping down the table more completely works, that’s what I’ll do. If not, I’ll accept that crumbs left behind are OK.

It’s these little lessons that mean so much. 

Pat Larsen is a fitness instructor who brings her passion for music and movement to Baby Boomers and seniors at The Shamrock House every Monday and Thursday morning. Contact Pat for more information. Pat also is a certified clinical hypno-therapist serving the Greene, Albany and local region, helping those who get stuck in their stories. Contact Pat at 518-275-8686 for a free phone consultation or to schedule an appointment.   

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