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Body, Mind & Spirit: Acupuncture and Chinese medicine here in our backyard


By Pat Larsen

For Capital Region Independent Media

Headshot of a female named Pat Larsen
Pat Larsen

Purely by chance, I happened upon a gifted practitioner, Ms. Hui-Hsin Liu, while looking for alternative medicine practitioners close by.

I knew that acupuncture would be a great additional resource to facilitate my healing after surgery and that was the support I was seeking. I was both surprised and delighted to learn of Ms. Liu practicing Chinese medicine and acupuncture right here in Greene County.  

It was very encouraging to find out that she had specifically chosen our area to bring her talents to, with her focus on the aging population and the needs within this age group.

How fortunate for us! 

Ms. Liu (pronounced Lou) had begun seeing patients in Greenville under the name of Willow Acupuncture at Catskill Valley Chiropractic: A Center for Wellness, in June 2023. Before I share my  personal experience with Ms. Liu, let me share what I learned about her background. 

You can also visit her website to see the total scope of her expertise.

Born in Taiwan, presently in her mid 40s, Ms. Liu  studied her craft, became licensed in Traditional Chinese Medicine (aka TCM) and acupuncture, then practiced in clinics in her region for nine years. 

After several years of graduate research in Japan, she completed both her medical degree in internal medicine and a Master’s degree in several other specialties that would be very relevant to treating the “whole” patient.

Ms. Liu moved to this area with her husband. Her goals have always been to treat a variety of health problems.

She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Japanese. All of her impressive credentials and experience is truly going to be a gift to our community as more and more of us seek out her services.

After a thorough demographic search, she knew that working within the senior community here was exactly what she felt compelled to do. She explained that acupuncture offers solutions that plague those who are aging and experience all sorts of inflammatory issues that then adversely impact lifestyles.

She has specialty training in women’s health,  as well as ophthalmology. With  the use of fine needle-like filaments on certain points of the body, she is able to  help the natural flow of energy to restore healing. 

I met Ms. Liu after that fateful day of finding her web page and scheduling an appointment within the same week. As I’ve written often, I was seeking relief from the difficult healing process following my total knee replacement in April, coupled with a complication of my heart health issues. 

What a godsend this practitioner was on that day and to this day as well, as I continue to see her every so often to improve my health issues.

Many times, an illness or surgery can lead to offshoots of  unexpected medical complications, and my case was no exception. Ms. Liu is helping me with anxiety, insomnia and joint pain. Overall, the general improvement in my condition, along with the support and knowledge that Ms. Liu offers, is the reason I felt I had to share this news with my readership.

Please check out the Willow Acupuncture website to learn more about this valuable asset to our community.

Better yet, please join me at The Shamrock House in East Durham, where I will host Ms. Liu in a special informational program introducing the benefits of this medical practice and to meet her. The event will take place on Thursday, Sept. 21. Space is limited. Contact information is listed below.

To reach Pat Larsen, call or text 518-275-8686 or email pelarsen5@aol.com.

Pat’s fitness classes and educational programs are Mondays and Thursday mornings, designed for seniors and Baby Boomers. Please join us.

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