GOOD NEWS!: Helping children get a ‘Running Start’ to the school year


By Melanie Lekocevic

Capital Region Independent Media

The “Running Start” program offered by the Greene County YMCA helped families get ready for the new school year. Courtesy of Pexels

Editor’s Note: Here’s a “Good News!” story that will bring a smile to your face as families in need got a helping hand to get the new school year off to a good start, thanks to the Greene County YMCA.

COXSACKIE — As families geared up for the beginning of another academic year, there were plenty of chores to be done — haircuts, doctor visits and, of course, shopping for school supplies and new clothes.

The Greene County YMCA gave local families a “Running Start” on the new school year.

“Running Start” is a program that this year provided 25 students with a $125 gift card and an extra 20% discount to the Kohl’s store in Hudson.

The gift card and discount enabled families that are struggling to provide for their students as a new school year kicks off.

“Students purchase new sneakers, pants, shirts, dresses, socks or any other item they may need,” according to the Greene County YMCA. “Running Start aims to make back-to-school just a little easier.”

The not-for-profit organization Hope’s Mission, based in Coxsackie, provided the YMCA with a list of families who could benefit from the Running Start program and then the Y distributed the gift cards.

Families could shop at Kohl’s whenever it was convenient for them and fill their closets with new school clothes and shoes.

The Running Start program is funded by donations from YMCA staff, members and the community through the organization’s annual fundraising campaign.

For more information about the Greene County YMCA, call 518-731-7529 ext. 1610 or visit

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